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Military families move an average of every 2.5 years. That’s why military spouses are always looking for remote jobs and careers that can move with them every time they PCS.

The good news is that military spouse remote jobs have increased considerably in the years since the pandemic. Now it’s completely possible to keep your job when you move to new locations throughout the United States.

In some cases, the best way to maintain consistent employment is to have a remote position with an existing company where you are paid as a regular employee. You can update your company with your new address and continue working after your PCS move with minimal interruptions. For other military spouses, it’s easier to maintain employment if you create your own company (such as an LLC) and work from home as a freelancer. This allows you to maintain clients whenever you move.

If you’re looking for a work-from-home job that will work for you at your current duty station, and the next one, then consider any of the jobs on this list. (Average salary rates were calculated using ZipRecruiter data and may not reflect starting pay rates in your area).

With these remote jobs, military spouses can work anywhere–even if they are stationed overseas!
With these remote jobs, military spouses can work anywhere – even if they are stationed overseas!

Here’s Our List of Military Spouse Remote Jobs

  1. Writing/Editing: I’ll start with this one because it’s the job I have successfully held through four different PCS moves in the past seven years. As a writer or editor, you work remotely creating articles, press releases, white papers, blog posts, or website copy for clients.
    While some companies have full-time in-house positions for this work, it is much easier and more common to begin writing and editing as a freelancer—especially if you have limited experience.
    Required Skills: A degree in English is not required, but you will need to demonstrate English fluency and be familiar with different Style Guides.
    Average Pay: $20-30/ hour depending on assignment
  2. Virtual Assistant: Many entrepreneurs and small businesses hire virtual assistants to handle different aspects of their day-to-day business operations. As a virtual assistant, you might be responsible for answering email, planning travel arrangements, managing website traffic, or responding to customers on social media.
    Required Skills: Familiarity with Microsoft and Google products will be helpful, as well as comfort with social media schedulers.
    Average Pay: $15/ hour or $32,000 per year
  3. Executive Assistant: Corporate executives need someone to answer calls, arrange their schedule, connect them to meetings, and handle their email replies. While this work used to be done by someone sitting just outside the office, technology now allows executive assistants to work from anywhere.
    Required Skills: A degree is not required, but you’ll need to be proficient in computer programs that handle the tasks listed above, plus demonstrate prior professional experience as an office assistant.
    Average Pay: $28/ hour or $59,000 per year
  4. Data Entry: Want a work-from-home job that won’t require you to be on the phone or do video meetings? Do you have great attention to detail?  Then data entry is a great fit for you. Insurance, medical, and customer service companies outsource their data entry to employees who can complete it quickly from the comfort of home.
    Required Skills: No degree is necessary. This job prioritizes accuracy and efficiency, so typing is the most important skill.
    Average Pay: $20/ hour or $41,000 per year
  5. Transcribing: Transcription involves typing a script of the words you hear from an audio recording. With the increased popularity of podcasts and online webinars, there is now a greater need for transcribing services from a variety of companies.
    You could transcribe interviews for journalists, legal conversations for law firms, podcast shows, YouTube content, and so much more. Usually, the more technical the content (medical or legal, for example), the higher the pay per job.
    Required Skills: No degree is necessary. Typing quickly and accurately will allow you to earn more money.
    Average Pay: $30/ hour or $62,000 per year
  6. Coding/Web Developer: Do you know how to code and design websites? Are you interested in tracking user experiences (UX) to learn how customers interact with web content? Coding is essential to keep websites and digital products running quickly and smoothly.
    This field has grown considerably, and employees are in high demand. The technical nature of the work requires certification, but not necessarily a college degree.
    Required Skills: You’ll be expected to use computer languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Python. A Bachelor’s in Computer Science is recommended, but there are certificates for entry-level positions.
    Average Pay: $42/ hour or $87,700 per year
  7. Web Design: While coding and user experience affect the background of a website, the customer-facing experience is in the hands of the web designer. If this is your job, not only will you bring a brand’s story to life and make their pages look visually appealing, but you will also help clients organize their website in a way that impacts their readers and gets results.
    Required Skills: You’ll need visual talent and familiarity with graphic design programs. You’ll also need technical knowledge to know how website layout affects SEO and Google ranking. These can be learned through certification programs and experience.
    Average Pay: $35/hour or $71,800 per year
  8. Graphic Design: If you have a creative mind and love working on colorful designs, then working from home as a graphic designer may be a great job for you. You can specialize in doing social media images, business brochures, logo design, or new patterns for a Circuit! Graphic designer is a position that can work well for freelancers, and for in-house employees at larger companies.
    Required Skills: There are Graphic Design degrees, but many designers are self-taught. You’ll need an Apple computer and proficiency in programs like Adobe’s creative apps, Canva, photography editing, and some coding skills to assist with web design.
    Average Pay: $27/ hour or $55,600 per year
  9. Customer Service Representative: If you can work in a quiet home environment and take phone calls throughout your work hours, then there are many job opportunities for you as a customer service rep. Some companies hire in-house for this position, while others contract out to a 3rd-party organization to manage customer service. Since this is often a 24-hour service, you can do this job from any time zone—even when you’re stationed in Hawaii or Japan.
    Required Skills: No degree necessary, and most companies will train new employees. Soft skills like problem-solving, patience, communication, and adaptability are most important.
    Average Pay: $18/ hour or $37,400 per year
  10. Digital Marketing: Anything a company presents online to their customers can be considered digital marketing. If you have a job in this field, you will spend time researching customer behavior, composing email newsletters, and strategizing advertising campaigns. You may work with affiliate influencers or with freelance writers to spread your company’s brand awareness and build customer loyalty.
    Required Skills: A Bachelor’s in Communication, Advertising, or Journalism is not required, but will help. Familiarity with Google Analytics and Google Ads is preferred.
    Average Pay: $29/ hour, or $60,300 per year
  11. Social Media Management: Today, every company needs to maintain an online presence on social media. Whether it’s a major corporation or a small family business, companies use social media to connect with customers, market their products, and offer discounts or promotions. Social media managers will maintain multiple accounts simultaneously, handling scheduling, images, videos, written copy, and replies.
    Required Skills: No degree required, but familiarity with social media platforms, insights, and data is essential, along with scheduling software like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sprout Social. Basic graphic design skills are a plus.
    Average Pay: $26/hour or $54,300 per year
  12. Tutor: If you have an interest in teaching or working with children but are frustrated at maintaining a teaching license every time you move to a new state, then becoming an online tutor is a great way to use your skills on a flexible schedule. Companies hire tutors for daytime programs to complement homeschool curricula, plus after-school assistance in math, writing, science, or languages. You can work from any time zone, which is useful when you’re stationed OCONUS.
    Required Skills: A degree is not required, but teaching experience is a benefit. Subject-matter experience in a specific area will be helpful.
    Average Pay: $18/ hour or $38,400 per year
  13. Physical Products: If you enjoy creating crafts, artwork, jewelry, Circuit designs, or custom orders of any product, consider becoming an entrepreneur and selling your products online through companies like Etsy or Spouse-ly. You can ship anywhere in the world and market online from any duty station! When you move, your business supplies and materials should be marked as “Spouse Pro Gear” and weighed separately. Check your PCS orders for details on moving your business supplies and product inventory as a military spouse.
    Required Skills: Besides needing creativity and a unique product, you’ll need entrepreneur skills like managing a website, bookkeeping, invoicing, and social media marketing. If this isn’t your skill set, consider hiring help so you can focus on the creative process.
    Average Pay: varies, depending on product cost and shipping rates


If you’re a military spouse looking for a work-from-home position that moves with you when you PCS, then check out these resources specific to the military community. Finding employment can be challenging for military spouses. These companies help military spouses find meaningful employment and remote positions.

Lizann Lightfoot is an experienced writer, editor, and speaker for the military community. After two decades with her Marine—which included seven deployments, six PCS moves, five children, and three years overseas—she specializes in sharing resources and encouragement with families through the many challenges of military life. As an interviewer and storyteller, she helps others share their stories, so their experiences can help fellow service members and spouses throughout their military journey.

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