Walking into a brand-new home is a great feeling!  It’s soooo clean, with brand new everything, beautiful countertops and cabinets, fresh carpeting, scratch-free flooring, and it even smells new.  It’s almost as if you don’t want to move your belongings in for fear of dirtying the place.  If you’re considering a new build, keep reading as we explore some things to consider!

1. Use Your Own Agent

iI you don’t have one, click here and we will match you with a military-affiliated agent who knows their stuff!  Buyers agents are typically paid by the seller, and in the case of new construction, they are paid by the builder.  Choosing to use the builder’s agent will NOT save you money.  It may save the builder money, but you better believe they are not handing that money back to you! 

Hiring your own agent to help with negotiations often benefits the buyer.  Builders agents will do a wonderful job writing the contract, but they do not add in extras that aren’t specially asked for (ie blinds, negotiated closing date, upgrades, extra money towards closing).  Obviously, this is all market and builder dependent, but its always important to have someone looking out for you!

2. Keep in Mind What Does Not Come with Brand New Construction

What’s included and what is something you’ll need to add on after moving in?  Ask your agent about things like fencing, sod, irrigation, refrigerator, lighting, mirrors etc.

3. Check Your Incentives

Sometimes builders offer incentives like free upgrades or money towards closing costs (or rate buydowns) with the use of their preferred lender.  Remember to shop around because not all lenders charge the same fees!

4. New Build Home Warranty

New builds generally come with some type of warranty that protects the homeowners for the first year of ownership.  Extended warranties may also be included, or purchased separately.  Many people find comfort in knowing that their home has new appliances and systems in it, and that the builder will make repairs for the first year!

5. More Accurate Timelines

With the supply chain being more stable, delays are less frequent and pricing is more accurate.  Completion times are more accurate – allowing people to choose their finishes and upgrades.  Many military families see this as a bonus, in that they can sign a contract on a new build many months in advance, and know exactly when the house will be ready for them!


Be sure to take a step back and view your purchase realistically.  Many “anti-new build homebuyers” will complain of poor construction quality and that builders just “slap these houses up so quickly”.  We hear it all the time!  BUT it’s important to remember to be realistic.  Quick builds are not a new trend.  Your new construction home will not be perfect (which is why we ALWAYS recommend an inspection)….and if it was perfect, the house would not be affordable!  If 100% perfection is what you’re looking for, then maybe a new build is not for you.  But just remember….every house was new at some point!

We’ve found that there are 2 types of people – those who love new construction and those who avoid it!  Which one are you?  Share with us your thoughts on buying new in 2023!

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