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We're the PCS Homegirls

We are Tracey Greene and Annie Pepoon, co-founders of this service and community. The Army brought us together in 2016 when our families were stationed at Ft. Carson (and then again at Ft. Benning a few years later) and we’ve been friends ever since!

We are both licensed and professional real estate agents in our current duty station states, and our goal with The PCS Homegirls is to serve the military community with a genuine calling to protect, support, and educate military families in the home buying process.

Annie and Tracey are two military spouses who, after years of friendship, decided to start an online community in order to help educate and support military families in the home buying and home selling process. As military spouses themselves with over 14 PCS moves between them as well as 8 home sales/purchases across 10 states, they understand the difficulities that can arise for military families when trying to navigate the home buying and selling process.

The PCS Homegirls started off as a Facebook Group under the moniker of Mastering Your Military Move. But in late 2022, Annie and Tracey decided to expand their community to a wider digital base.

The goal of The PCS Homegirls is to help military families through the home buying and selling process. Additionally, they want to provide useful resources while at their current duty stations such as PCS tips and advice. The PCS Homegirls detail base guides and information in their Living Like a Local Series, as well as other PCS and military related topics. .

Join Annie and Tracey today in their private Facebook group or find a vetted and reviewed real estate agent in your area by filling out their real estate agent questionnaire here.

Annie Pepoon PCS Homegirls

Hi, I’m Annie.

I’m a wife to my husband Jimmy, a mom to our 4 girls, and a real estate agent.  I have a degree in special education and psychology.  I worked as a special education teacher before having children.  Military life combined with my want to stay at home when my 4 girls were little led me out of education.  I ran a small business for a bit before finding real estate.

Essentially – I’ve been able to connect 3 important aspects of my life together into what I’m doing now.  Military life/Run a real estate business/Educate and provide resources for families wanting to buy or sell.

I am a licensed REALTOR® in the state of Georgia with Keller Williams Coastal Area Partners.  I find happiness in connecting with new people – and my goal is to not stop working until I help find them THE perfect house for their needs.  In addition to serving local military families here at Ft. Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield, The PCS Homegirls allows me to teach homeowners and homeowners to be about the ins and outs of buying and selling.  I know what it’s like to move over and over again, and am focused on making the process easier for other families doing the same thing.  I enjoy connecting with other military spouse agents all over the country.

Through personal and professional experience I’ve learned very quickly that not all agents are created equally.  Choosing a great agent is more than just choosing a popular agent with the most recommendations.  Who you use is important and in the end can cost you money and satisfaction.  We’ve seen military families being taken advantage of way too often.  Teaching others this is important, which led us to start The PCS Homegirls.  Military families deserve the best services when PCSing, and we are here to facilitate that!



COOLEST HOME FEATURE: Built in dog spaces and stair lighting 

FAVORITE STYLE HOME: Craftsmen Style Homes

IDEAL CLIENT: Families who are open to learning through the process!

#1 MUST-HAVE IN A HOME: A functional kitchen!

Tracey Greene PCS Homegirls

Hi, I’m Tracey.

I’m a full-time mom and military spouse and part-time real estate agent! My husband, Mike, has spent 12 years on active duty in the US Army and is currently stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We have two active girls, Claire and Caroline. 

My interest in real estate began 15 years ago when I started working in residential Property Management in my hometown of Chester, Virginia. Our seven PCS moves have allowed us to experience military housing challenges first-hand and also purchase several homes across the country.  When my friend Annie approached me about starting The PCS Homegirls in the fall of 2021 I was thrilled for the opportunity to educate and support fellow military families across nation in addition to helping local families as a licensed North Carolina Real Estate Broker.

As a certified Military Relocation Professional (MRP) I have an in-depth understanding of the processes and procedures of a military relocation.
Tracey Greene PCS Homegirls


LEAST FAVORITE DUTY STATION:I try to make the best of every assignment but if I had to pick one it’d be Ft. Huachuca

COOLEST HOME FEATURE:Costco door/Pantry pass-through



#1 MUST-HAVE IN A HOME:My family! Living in 8 homes in 10 years has taught me to be flexible with my needs/wants.

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