We’re exploring Kodiak, Alaska! The nation’s largest state is aptly named for the Aluet word “aleysak” which translates to “great land.” While Alaska is part of North America, it is nearly 3,000 miles from the US Mainland. The US Coast Guard Base Kodiak is a key element to providing safety to the people and resources in the area. The Coast Guard is responsible for an area covering 4,000,000 square miles, including the Gulf of Alaska, Bristol Bay, the Bering Sea, and the Pacific coast of Alaska.

Base Living

While covering a large area, this base is located within the island community of Kodiak. The Coast Guard is present both in the the air and on sea with several cutters based out of Kodiak. The second largest island in the US (after the Big Island of Hawaii). From search and rescue missions to upholding maritime law, the Coast Guard does a tremendous job supporting this area.

Due to its distance from the mainland U.S and remote nature, there are some key differences when it comes to living here. For example, all service members are required to check in with base housing and must obtain a waiver in order to begin the process of buying or renting a home in the area. There is also temporary lodging available for families while waiting for permanent housing.

Family Housing

  • Aviation Hill: South of the Kodiak Benson State Airport
  • Lake Louise: Between Lake Catherine and Lake Louise
  • Lower Government: Near the CDC and Coast Guard Exchange
  • Upper Government: Near Peterson Elementary School


All of the family housing areas are near  the three zoned schools, 10 miles or less.  Schools are part of the KIBSD Public School System. In addition, there is a Child Development Center on base that offers a part day preschool program.

  • Base Schools
    • K-5 Peterson Elementary
    • 6-8 Kodiak Middle School
    • 9-12 Kodiak High School
  • Additional Schools Nearby
    • Kodiak Christian School K-8
    • St. Mary’s Catholic School K-8
    • AK TEACH Homeschool (supported by KIBSD)
The PCS Homegirls, Living Like a Local, Alaska

Kodiak Island Resources

While living outside of the contiguous 48 and likely away from family, may be an adjustment, there are so many resources available to aid in the transition. You should receive a sponsor assignment to help with the adjustment period of moving to such a unique location. The CGB Kodiak MWR as well as the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce want to support their local community. They are both key tools for information for what’s available and what’s going on in the area. If you have flexibility and an interest in travel, check out the Space A travel opportunity out of Kodiak.

Summer Activities

There’s plenty to do, especially during those LONG summer days. Get outside and explore!

  • Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge
  • Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park
  • Near Island Trail System
  • Pasagshak River Trail

Winter Activities

  • Ice Fishing
  • Monashka Bay and Pillar Mountain (skiing, boarding, and showshoeing)
  • Aurora Borealis (September-April) Take a trip to Anchorage or Denali National Park for peak viewing

Cultural Attractions and Local Events

  • Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository: Learn more about the indigenous Alutiiq people .
  • Baranov Museum: History of Kodiak with Alutiiq, Russian, and American exhibits, as well as traveling ones.
  • Kodiak Arts Council: Supporting the local are community as well as providing classes and programs for both children and adults.
  • Kodiak Island Bluegrass Festival – April
  • Kodiak Crab Festival – Memorial Day Weekend
  • Kodiak Summer Solstice Festival – June
  • Kodiak Rodeo and State Fair – August

Fresh Seafood and Local Fare

  • Old River Inn
  • The Chart Room
  • Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant
  • King’s Diner
  • Java Flats

Calling “The Last Frontier” your home is sure to create some lifelong memories and unforgettable experiences. This remote location may be a change from your current home, but enjoy the vast beauty, unique landscape, culture, and heritage around you. Semper Paratus!

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