Her Story.

As a military spouse, you may share a similar story of shifting your career and life plans to support your military spouse.  While this for sure has its challenges I like to think of it through the lens of growth, opportunity, and pride – being part of a community that is truly humbling on so many levels. 

When I graduated college and went to work in Washington, D.C. for a Congressman followed by my next job at a Tech start up – my focus was clear, work hard, climb the ladder, make money. 

I never would have guessed in my wildest dreams a Marine would sweep me off my feet and completely change my trajectory.  

I mean, I swore I would never move states for some guy. But as the story goes, I did after years of long distance and was fortunate enough to take my position from D.C. and work remotely.

Making a path.

In 2016 the company I worked for was sold and I lost my job. There I was…in a small military town with few promising job opportunities. We did not have children at the time and if I was going to feel fulfilled, I needed to make my own path.

I’ve always had a passion for fitness, and the transformation it brought to people’s lives – so I decided to become a certified trainer. Then I took a huge leap and started my own business – CoreFit. CoreFit has evolved over the years from in person training and bootcamps to now, fully virtual offerings and a team of passionate military spouses serving our clients through custom nutrition and exercise programs. 

Empowering others.

As a team of military spouses, we understand the unique challenges of any lifestyle but also how important it is to make time for yourself and your goals – and the grit needed to get there. 

If it had not been for this new trajectory, I never would have challenged myself as much as opening a business requires and grown as an individual both personally and professionally.  

I would never have had the opportunity to serve hundreds of women worldwide helping them to truly love their bodies and make their health a priority. 

And I would never have been able to be a part of the humbling military spouse community where I have met some of my closest friends, mentors, most caring and strongest women – not to mention the entire CoreFit team! 

I understand…

Being a military spouse can feel lonely as we move frequently to new communities, family miles away. 

It can feel defeating as we typically play the support role to our spouse who has a demanding job and travels frequently. 

And we can lose confidence in ourselves as we often must leave careers behind and lose our sense of purpose. 

These things are unequivocally true…but if we can think of them through a new lens and become the victor of our situation rather than the victim – we can see growth and opportunity all around us and really feel pride in who we are and what we stand for. 

I submit that we all can relate to the following maxim of military spouse life. How I feel drives how I interact with the world: my husband, my children, my work and even myself. I set the tone of the household. My mental and physical health is the foundation of everything in my life and dictates how I interact with my surroundings. If I’m feeling good with high energy I can fully pour into my children. If I’m eating and sleeping well, I feel like I am thriving in life with zest, love, and patience. 

I have seen time and time again, pushing ourselves to be at our mental and physical best helps us to regain focus, confidence and relieve stress.  

I submit to you, especially as a military spouse, prioritizing your mental and physical health through nutrition and exercise will help every aspect of your life and help you become the victor of your situation. 

At CoreFit Coaching we have created a sustainable and practical framework – that I not only use in my own life – but one that has helped hundreds of women in their lives. A framework that helps women to prioritize their wellness – their mindset, nutrition and exercise, regardless of how busy they are, how little motivation they have or any situation they may be contending with. 

Because again – when we are mentally and physically at our best – our entire household can thrive and it is our mission to help you get there!

For more info on CoreFit, or to connect with Sam, follow her on IG @SamCoreFit or join her online community!

Samantha Costello is a CoreFit 1-on-1 Coach holding several National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certifications including Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Pre- and Post-Natal, and is a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Sam is an entrepreneur, loving wife, and mother of two beautiful daughters that keep her very busy! For over ten years she has helped hundreds of clients achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. She has an insatiable desire to help all women strengthen their body and mindset through custom-tailored fitness programs and true accountability giving you the skillset and mindset for enduring change. Sam’s drive to assist others originates from her personal journey obtaining clarity and confidence through fitness, positively affecting her personal and professional life. She is dedicated to transform her clients physically and mentally to live fully, confidently, and thrive in all aspects of life.

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