Checklist Time

It’s here…it’s really happening.  Ugh, deployment.  The time has come and overwhelm quickly fills your mind and body.  While deployments can be stressful, there are tons of resources for military families to utilize to make it just a tad easier.  A little preparation and organization beforehand can help ease fears, stress, and anxiety.  

Are you a homeowner facing a military deployment?  Check out Pre-Deployment Housing Checklist: a list of things to do before they go! 

Let’s Get Started

  1. Update your Homeowners Insurance Policy – Most likely your insurance is paid through your escrow account, which is set up with your mortgage company.  All VA loans require this.  Make sure your homeowners insurance policy is up to date and set for appropriate coverage.  Call your insurance agent with questions and know who to contact to file a claim.
  2. Create a list of service providers Make sure both spouses are on the account and eligible to make changes to the account if necessary.  Know when and how the payments are made.  Typical home accounts include gas, electric, water, trash etc.
  3. Get a general POA.  While this is most likely something that you already have, keep it handy in the event you need it for anything involving the house.
  4. Selling or buying before your spouse returns?  Discuss wants and needs in your next house BEFORE they deploy.  Go over things like budget and your timeline of purchasing/selling.  Be realistic – buying and selling can be stressful so make sure your lines of communication are open!
  5. Devise a plan for lawn care and snow removal.  While it’s easy for the spouse left behind to say “I’ll do it myself,” sometimes life gets in the way and these tasks get pushed to the side.  Have a list of companies to call if you need assistance!  Unless you find mowing the lawn relaxing, we advise hiring help!
  6. Service your HVAC.  We HIGHLY recommend servicing your HVAC every 6 months for proper maintenance.  Many companies have service plans that are very affordable, where they come out every so often to check on your unit.  These plans may get you on a VIP list, so if an emergency were to happen they will get to you quickly.  We know from experience, being stranded in the GA humidity in August with small children and no AC is absolutely NO FUN!
  7. Do you have a home warranty?  If so, get that information in a folder that is easily located.  The spouse staying behind needs to know who to call if a claim needs to be filed and what exactly is covered by the warranty.
  8. Find a trusted and reliable Handyman.  We all know it, SOMETHING is bound to happen once your spouse leaves.  Instead of calling on your other half, find a handyman who can fill in for the time being!
  9. Check safety features in your home. Replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Make yourself aware of the location of your circuit breaker and the main water shutoff to your house.  Turning your water off if you have a leak can save you $$$!  Check security cameras are working properly or sign up for a security system if that brings your comfort.  Hint:  If you’re new to home security, be sure to alert your homeowners insurance of this change…this can lower your bill.
  10. Finish “honey do” list.  Enough said, you’re welcome, lol!
  11. PRO TIP:  Purchase a lockbox to hold a spare key.  Attach it to your fence or water spigot in the backyard.  You will lock yourself out of the house at some point, don’t doubt it!  This comes in handy, and is money well spent if you ask us!

Everything You Need

And that’s all!  If anything on this list was super foreign to you, educate yourself before your spouse leaves! Not only is it empowering to learn this info, it’s your responsibility as a homeowner.  As G.I. Joe taught us, “Now you know.  And knowing is half the battle…”

Let us know in the comments if there is anything on this list that you hadn’t thought of!  Drop your questions if you have specifics, and we will be sure to help tackle them.
We wish you the best on your family’s pending deployment and hope our free downloadable Pre-Deployment Housing checklist is useful!

Looking for a military-friendly real estate agent in your area to buy or sell a home? Click here to fill out our Military Real Estate Questionnaire and we will help find you an agent that is a great fit or send a us a message.